Positive Lifestyle Program


The Positive Lifestyle Program’s main purpose is to deal with those who have shoplifted, have a theft charge or have committed a minor criminal offence. This 1:1 program is a ten week course and is held on a weekly basis for 1 hour.

This is a program designed for anyone aged 18 and over who, because of difficulties in their lives, may have become involved with the criminal justice system. After lengthy research, it has been discovered that people suffering from stress and/or depression over personal issues have manifested inappropriate behaviour as an outcome of their suffering and a clear “cry for help”.


Working on a one-to-one basis with the program facilitator provides the opportunity to discover the underlying problem that led to the resulting negative criminal behaviour.

 How does a client get involved in the program?

A Client may be referred by a Lawyer, Judge, Police, Crown Attorney, Probation Officer, Doctor and Minister or self referred. Participants must sign a program contract.

Program Objective

Many of our clients are suffering from depression, anxiety and a profound sense of guilt. By contributing to emotional wellness it helps to eliminate further undesirable behaviour.


Program topics

Through a series of eight to ten personalized sessions, the participants will be encouraged to develop a lifestyle that will be a positive and reinforcing experience for their future.

Sessions Include:

     Crisis in Crime

      Stress & Anger Management

      Conflict Resolution

      Self Esteem, Grief & Loss



There is a minimal cost for this program. Program costs are discussed with the client at the time of the intake interview.


Participant Comments

“I found the program very enlightening. At the lowest point in my life I got into trouble with the law and was very depressed….Because of Positive Lifestyle Program I had someone to turn to, someone who cared, that I could trust and knew could help me.”

“I have learned a lot about myself and am learning to cope with problems and set goals. I am now looking at life in a new way, now each day means so much. I now feel my life is worthwhile.”

“With the help of this program and the people at The Salvation Army, I am looking at life in a new way. I realize how fortunate I was to take the program.”

 “My life again is worthwhile. Thank you.”