Chaplaincy Services

Chaplaincy involves the spiritual and religious care of inmates housed at CECC.  Our ministry involves weekly delivery of Bibles, Bible studies, daily devotional helps, spiritually-based reading material, and greeting cards.   The Salvation Army Chaplains Marilyn and Don are also responsible for providing clothing to inmates for court appearances and/or release.  We also provide reading glasses to as many inmates as requested.  We also conduct chapel services weekly and one-on-one interviews as required.   We give thanks for the opportunity to minister daily in the hopes of presenting Christ to our clients and thus changing their lives in a positive way thus changing ‘the outside world’ as well upon their release.

Marilyn facilitates a unique one-on-one weekly counselling program called “Keychange”.  Keychange uses music as a healing tool to initiate, restore, improve or maintain social, mental, emotional,  spiritual and physical health; it helps clients move to a ‘new key’ and music is non-threatening in its pursuit of wholeness and as an intervention it involves the use of planned music strategies and theme orientation sessions to achieve definite goals.

Comment by participant:  “When I first started the Keychange program I was very reserved.  I have a totally different outlook on life now.  A few months ago when it was suggested that I should go for alcohol and drug treatment I got angry and defensive.   Because of Keychange and my willingness to start taking my life decisions seriously, I now have to transpose everything in my life.  The best way I can summarize this is to say that Keychange has saved my life, given me hope, faith and courage as well as offered me healthy choices to instill into my very being”- Brian

Several of the Keychange clients who have been released have ‘success stories’, some of which have been featured in “Faith and Friends” and on “”

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